Job Of Fashion Designer In Designer Bathing Suits

Fashion Industry plays a significant part in costume designing. Be a bathing suit the layout of the dress becomes important or it a daily costume that is standard. Only when it’s designed properly, one would get interest in wearing it. So the fashion designer plays a crucial role in designing a costume. Bathing suits is no exception. Bathing suits should be designed in such a way that one has in wearing it to get interest. The look of the bathing suits should be such that one should impress at the first sight. Robin Piconne and Melissa Odabsh played a principal part in bringing a great revolutionary in bathing suit layout. Initially a bathing suit was designed as merely a costume to assist in swimming. They largely concentrated on how the parts of the body that wasn’t covered should be projected. In other words they concentrated on the cuts and designs of the bathing suit. Result was the designer bathing suits. The designer bathing suits were really impressive and many have started using it. As they chiefly concentrated on the naked body, the layouts reduced the vulgarity of the bathing suit and made one to see it as attractive designer bathing suits. Many ordinary bathing suits turned into alluring swimwear by cuts, the alluring layouts and contour. Many trendy one piece designer bathing suits, skorts and two piece bathing swimsuit, were added. So a fashion designer must design the bathing suits in such a way that it raises the beauty of one wearing it instead destroying it.