Herbal smoke: Path to Forgetting the Habit of Smoking

Smoking is a habit which smokes up your lungs and leaves it in shatters in just a few years of continued habit. Smoking not only affects the person who does this but it affects the lungs of other people who are around or in vicinity with the smoker. So this becomes an environmental and a society issue. This habit should be dealt in an effective way so as to forget it completely and to ensure it will never again surface back. One of the effective alternatives is herbal smoke. This material gives an herbal high just like marijuana which is a weed. Substituting cigarette with this type of smoke reduces the temptation and slowly vitiates us from that habit. But all said and done it is your job to sternly resist any further complications and fight with the mind to set it right and not to follow the wrong path which will obviously lead to utter destruction. The habit cannot be forgotten suddenly but this is possible in a step by step manner wherein rejuvenating activities are carried on along with the herbal smoke so that the eradication is a once for all process and it does not have to repeat.