Credit Card Reader

The use of credit cards became widespread during the 1950s, , and before the advent of the Credit Card Reader, merchants had to take an imprint in a manual machine by taking an imprint of the card and later filling it up also manually to claim payment for the sale. The manual credit card machines were incapable of reading the data stored on the credit cards, and the merchants had to transmit the data from the carbon copies to the payment processor, long after the transaction has been completed. Even today, certain merchants keep a back up copy of a manual imprint for the purpose of acceptance of the credit cards, in case the electronic payments systems are down. But, the advent of the Credit Card Reader has simplified the transaction routine of the merchants a great deal, as they just have to fill up the transaction amount and the rest is taken care of by the Credit Carder device. The electronic card readers have been integrated with stationary payment systems – at the point of sale terminals we envisage when we are about to use a credit card to pay for goods or services to pay at the retail point and sites.

Credit Card Terminal

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