420 Ritual: The Weirdest of the kind

Cannabis otherwise known as marijuana is a drug used for getting a intangible pleasure which fades away in just a few minutes. Ever heard of a ritual just for the consumption of this obscene drug? Yes there is and it takes place every year in the month of April on 20th of that month. What is special about this date and how did such a ritual came to existence? It all started with a bunch of school students who hung out by the wall every day just to consume marijuana and this would take place after 4.20pm that is after the school hours. These students gave a name for their team as Waldos. A director wrote about them in an article and they became famous after sometime. After this the specific day was allotted and people from different parts of the world will come together in a single place or in bunches in different countries just for celebrating the 420 ritual which involves group consumption of cannabis which gives a herbal incense and indulge in the cheap joy it gives. Such a kind of ritual is unnecessary but people are crazy about this and continue to organize and participate in such events year after year.

Vaporizers: A Harmless Way to Consume Drugs

A drug like marijuana usually contains a number of harmful substance which erodes the lining of all the organs of the body and destroy us inch-by-inch. But many people still consume this toxic drug without knowing that one day the drug is going to consume them. So for people who cannot stop this habit and want to get rid of the harmful effects of the drug should use devices called vaporizers. These devices pass steam through the weed and this steam leeches away the contents present in the marijuana and come out with the characteristic smell. Burnt marijuana is very harmful to health so the drug when consumed in this way is far more better as in this method the carcinogenic and other harmful substances are left out and don’t enter our body. This device cannot be used as an excuse or to continue the habit but to reduce the dependence step by step and eradicate it completely. So limited consumption should be done and the intake should be exponentially decreased day-by-day to get rid of that dangerous addiction. A survey shows that the number people addicted to this drug is increasing and so steps have been taken to ban this drug all over the world and have been implemented successfully in many places.

Herbal smoke: Path to Forgetting the Habit of Smoking

Smoking is a habit which smokes up your lungs and leaves it in shatters in just a few years of continued habit. Smoking not only affects the person who does this but it affects the lungs of other people who are around or in vicinity with the smoker. So this becomes an environmental and a society issue. This habit should be dealt in an effective way so as to forget it completely and to ensure it will never again surface back. One of the effective alternatives is herbal smoke. This material gives an herbal high just like marijuana which is a weed. Substituting cigarette with this type of smoke reduces the temptation and slowly vitiates us from that habit. But all said and done it is your job to sternly resist any further complications and fight with the mind to set it right and not to follow the wrong path which will obviously lead to utter destruction. The habit cannot be forgotten suddenly but this is possible in a step by step manner wherein rejuvenating activities are carried on along with the herbal smoke so that the eradication is a once for all process and it does not have to repeat.